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A song by Kerry Valentine Smith/[man among men]

Featuring Larry Elyea (Eminem, Corey Taylor/Slipknot/Stone Sour, Beastie Boys, Sevendust)

With Special Guests AKO Mack (Bionic Jive, Tech N9ne, Lajon Witherspoon) Lead & Supporting Vocals 

Special Note: This song is to those out there who like myself, families have suffered from the loss, abuse, & for some, irreversible conditions, most times, covertly subjected to, without knowledge of damages sustained & the detrimental effects of, nor with any conscience consent. 

Special thanks to Professor Griff, for his inspiration, Salute to former marine serviceman & Senator of Nebraska, Mr John DeCamp, & Former Head of FBI Ted Gunderson, & John Todd, former record label scout (Robert John "Mutt" Lange) and deepest condolences to Misses Gosch & the countless others with no names or voices who will never be heard... 

NOTE: This song is for educational purposes & awareness for the protection of children and their families and rights against human & child trafficking.

Thank you for your support. 


‘’RISE ‘n’ SHINE''

[man among men]

A Song By Kerry Valentine Smith 


Chris Knocke (Lemon Krayola) Support Vocals, Bass, Pre-Assist Production

Larry Elyea (Bionic Jive, Sevendust, Beastie Boys) Record, Mix, Master Engineer, Post Assist Production

Special Guest...

Ben Anderson (Nothing More, Without Sleep) on Drums/Percussion   

Fall 2024

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‘’Scapegoat Poster Boy''

[man among men]

A Song By Kerry Valentine Smith


HB Abels (Soulfly) Record, Mix, Master Engineer & Production Assist 

Featuring Special Guest Jared Frøn (Bless the Fall) on Drums/Percussion

Winter 2024/2025